ATTENTION: Are you tried of wasting money on "Natural" products?
Natural Living Is Easy, I'll Show You How. 
Discover what you need to know about Natural Living Without Becoming a Health "Freak"...
If you like the idea of doing laundry without chemicals but don't have time to shred Fels Naptha soap, Hate the idea of washing your hair with cancer causing ingredients but also don't want to smell like a pickle, and wish you could easily cook food that was 100% real but don't want to give up makeup and leather jackets, this is your tribe.

There's no reason to complicate the simplicity of natural living. I am just a mom from rural Idaho who lives naturally without being weird. 
  •  Fresh Content: posted weekly
  • Safe: not a group for pitching and selling products
  •  Whole Person: spirit, soul & body wellness 
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